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The icon of the Crypto-Hominid Research Council was originally illustrated and designed by Carlos Mantilla, under the guidance of Griffith Jimeno, both founding members of the original group. It depicts the figure of a hairy wild man, close in appearance to the popular image of the Bigfoot, seated on a large stone, surrounded by strong, curling currents, representing the vital energies of both the high mountains, and the rivers and sea shores; in the left hand, the figure holds a long stick, from which is hanging by thread a flying saucer of the Adamski-type, pointing out a way forward to the exploration of strange vistas.

Icon Variations

English, black and white.

Spanish, black and white.

The digital versions displayed above are recreations, based on the original art, and matching the font and design scheme as closely as was possible. The establishment date was not added until the late eighties.