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The Crypto-Hominid Research Council (CHRC) evolved from a meeting in 1972, organized by Griffith Jimeno, Judith and Christopher Henderson, Meghan Drake, and Carlos Mantilla. We are an informal study group of like-minded peers and researchers, seeking to promote the search for a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the wild man cryptid-type known variously as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Agogwe, Almas, Yeren, Yowie, Yeti, and countless other names.

Our council exists as support for all forms of inquest and research into these mysteries, and for the promotion of our goal of an enlightened state of harmonious relation with the natural and the archetypes that inhabit our understanding of our selves and our world. We seek to be an open forum, promoting no singular view, creating a cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary space where interested parties may find their seat around the fire.

What is a Crypto-Hominid?

Crypto-hominid refers to any cryptid of the same family as Humans and related great apes, as compared with crypto-hominoid, which would refer to any cryptid belonging to the broader superfamily Hominoidea. Given the unknown and indeterminate status of any particular cryptid, it would be difficult to confirm whether such beings should be properly classed as crypto-hominid or crypto-hominoid; for our own purposes, we have elected to use the former, with a mind open to the potential of the latter.


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The Council is a free association of individuals working in tandem toward the mutual goal of understanding; there is no board of directors, and we are not registered as a non-profit or corporation. Though we have acknowledged members working in local chapters, we do not maintain any central authority: all chapter organization is performed entirely at the local level, and matters of group structure are solely at the discretion of local attending membership. The Council exists to facilitate exploration and to assist one another in finding our own understanding of the mysteries, not to insist on a path nor to regulate your pursuit.

Local Chapters

At present, active chapters include: Bogotá (representing Colombia; as Consejo para la Investigación Cripto-Homínida, CICH); Cascadia (representing Washington, Oregon, British Columbia); Northern California (including San Francisco); Appalachia (representing Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania); and New England (representing Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts).

Each local takes direct responsibility for regulation of their own chapter, with the caveat that the sole reservation to our open policy is the asserted right to the name and the icon of the Crypto-Hominid Research Council, as has been passed down from the original meeting to the current member body of the Enlightenment Caucus. In practice, this means that we ask that you do not exploit the icon commercially without prior permission, and that you do not acclaim yourself or your own local chapter as part of the Council without contacting us and establishing an open communications channel. This would all be very silly, after all, if we were not in rapport and sharing with each other!

Enlightenment Caucus

The Enlightenment Caucus of the Crypto-Hominid Research Council is direct lineage from the founding meeting chapter, as initiated by Griffith Jimeno, whose icon, illustrated and designed by Carlos Mantilla, the Council uses today. The Caucus is not a proper administrative body, except insofar as it claims the rights expressed previously; being part of the Caucus grants no special privilege in local chapters.

Membership on the Caucus does constitute a form of initiation, and is open by invitation only.


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